Things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon

Top Things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon– A honeymoon vacation is one of the most precious vacations any couple can have because it gives them an opportunity to celebrate marriage and the future ahead with their beloved.

So it is always required that the destination must be the dream place where you would enjoy the magical days of your life and which demands for nothing but your life-partner by your side.

Forget all the destinations for now and just look at the Seychelles. I promise you won’t look for anything further. There is no place in the world place that can match the charm, breath-taking natural beauty, romance opportunities, landscape, rich culture, and warmth of the Seychelles.

The islands’ soft, white shorelines — peppered with immense boulders and framed by the warm, clear Indian Ocean — are often seen gracing the fronts of many covers of magazines.

So without any further delay, here’s all the things to do in Seychelles.

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Romantic Things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon

Island Hopping

Things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon- Island Hopping

With more than 115 islands, the only question which is often raised when visiting the Seychelles is, “Which island to visit?” Well that wouldn’t be asked anymore because now you can hop along to all the islands and swim, snorkel or even languidly soak in the sun on a tiny private paradise for a day. The beauty of Seychelles indeed revolves around its islands. Each one of them has its own essence, story and uniqueness.

There are plenty of transport options from the main island of Mahe to islands like Cerf island, La Digue and Praslin. For an unparalleled luxurious experience, you can also visit private islands like Desroches island, Bird island, Denis island or Fregate.


Fishing in Seychelles on Honeymoon

Why not go out and catch your own fish and come back to your beach villa to have a great BBQ. Whether you fancy big game fishing or deep sea fishing the choice is yours with local Seychelles operators happy to assist you. Plenty of fun for avid fishermen and novices alike, the seas around the islands are teeming with fish and make for a great expedition.

The Seychelles offers big game fishing, night fishing, deep sea and bottom fishing.

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Nightlife Disco in Seychelles

Have you heard about Seychelles nightlife? Well, it is centered around Mahé and Praslin. And the mainstream hotels and resorts manage to present a modestly vibrant environment with their in-house discotheques, bars, and casinos. Two of the hottest nightclubss on Mahé are Tequila Boom, which also hosts theme nights, and La Faya Bar at Bel Ombre in Beau Vallon.

Most large hotels have public bars and often host their own programs of evening entertainment where you can try local dances such as the Sega and Moutia.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling in seychelles on Honeymoon

Boasting of some the most beautiful intact coral reefs in the world, it’s a real delight to go diving here. With its many stunning coastlines and snorkeling spots, you can witness the wonders of the exotic sea life found here. The scuba diving in the Seychelles has made a lot of blissful moments for many around the corners of the world.

Moreover, it’s a best thing to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon. A great spot to go wreck diving and watch green turtles making their way to the beach to nest.

Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner in seychelles on Honeymoon

Forget everything and indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner together. Let the eyes do the talking! The stunning panoramic views clubbed with relaxing ambience is the perfect recipe for a romance filled evening in Seychelles.

Drifting in a Yacht

Drifting in a Yacht in Seychelles-Romantic Things to do

If there is one romantic movie that everyone loves, it is Titanic. Try recreating the same magic by renting out a Yacht and drift away into the waters. This can be the best experience you’ll ever have in Seychelles. This could enhance the romance on your trip because you’re going to try Titanic scene which is everybody’s love.

These are the best things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon. If you are planning to visit Seychelles for your honeymoon vacations, don’t forget these must do activities.


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