The Best Day to Book a Flight is Not a Tuesday Anymore

Yes, you get it right that the cheapest day to book a flight ticket is not a Tuesday or any other weekday anymore. We all think that Tuesday is a working day and on that day people are busy in their work, so they won’t get time to buy a ticket.

As smart people and internet is everywhere, everyone will try to book their flight ticket on Weekday with a mindset that other people may be busy. That’s not actually happens.  As per a survey conducted by Expedia, Inc and Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), booking flight tickets on a Tuesday or any weekday for that matter is not the best time. Now, things are reversed and another day has emerged as the best day to book a ticket.

Do you want to know which day it is?

It is SUNDAY 🙂

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Why Sunday is the Best Day for Booking Flight Tickets?

The Best Time To Book a Flight

Since many travelers are opting to book their flights on a weekday, the opportunity is no more available. Instead, Sunday has emerged as the day where one should make their flight bookings and that too a minimum 21 days in advance if you want to score even better prices.

Don’t you think that the increase in the number of flights, their capacity and the accessibility in many destinations have made things easier for people who travel almost every month?

This was not so easy before but with the modernization and growing competition ticket booking price have fallen drastically. This is the time to say Hello to the whole world as the report also noted that the average price for flights in the world is also dropping.

Good Luck for your next trip. And don’t forget that Sunday is the day to book your air-ticket in advance.

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