State Wise Famous Tourist Places in India

Famous Tourist Places in India State Wise- India is a popular tourist destination having each type of tourist attractions such as heritage sites, temples, monuments, mountains, caves, forts, palaces, fauna & flora, fair & festivals, hills, rivers, plateaus, plains, beaches, deltas and deserts. The country embeds enriched and immense beautiful places in it.

India has 35 States, 7 of them is Union Territory. A traveler will never regret once he is in India because wherever he go, each destination will welcome with so many surprises, so many state wise tourist destinations in India make tourist feel so much alive and full of life. Sea Beach lovers can enjoy at the fantastic golden sunny beaches of Goa, Kerala, Vizag, Digha, Puri etc. If you like some adventure travel Jammu-Kashmir, Dodital, Shivpuri will be your perfect destinations, even those who are love natural scenery for them are Munnar, Nainital and many more.

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Listed below are Tourist Places in India State Wise. Explore them and become the part of this beautiful land.

List of Popular Tourist Places in India State Wise

Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Union Territory)

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India is a very beautiful but unexplored tourist spot in India. It has not only beaches but it also houses many historic monuments and museums. The perfect Weather, Lusting and Romantic Beaches, Lovely Resorts, Water Sport, Amazing & Delicious food,  Back Riding marks a few of the giveaways of this heavenly place. Tourists from all regions of the world come to this island to enjoy its serene atmosphere, beautiful beaches and wonderful tourist spots.

Capital City: Port Blair

Popular Tourist Places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

  • Cellular Jail
  • Ross Island
  • Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex
  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • North Sentinel Island
  • Havelock Island

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Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh tourist places

Andhra Pradesh, India’s fifth largest state has made a very significant place for itself in the Indian Tourism Map. It is also known as Koh-i-Noor of India, It has many tourist attractions such beaches, hills, caves, wildlife, forests and temples. The mention of this state has been found even in the Ancient Puranas and scripts such as Aitareya Brahmana which was written during that time. This place is mainly known for spiced up hot south Indian food and nevertheless the Biriyani.

Captial City: Hyderabad

Popular Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh:

  • Venkateswara Temple
  • Belum Caves
  • Veerabhadra Temple
  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
  • Golkonda Fort
  • Ramoji Film City

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh tourist places

Arunachal Pradesh means a “land of the dawn-lit mountains”, located in the easternmost part of the Indian Territory. This wonderful holiday getaway is home to verdurous valleys, and unprecedented aestheticism. The state Arunachal Pradesh is rich with picturesque beauty. The best part about travelling to Arunachal Pradesh is that the scenic splendor, untouched mountains and forests and rich culture allow to you enjoy the nature at its best. Anytime of the day, be it morning, afternoon, evening or night, is a great time to explore local attractions.

Capital City: Itangar

Popular Tourist Places in Arunachal Pradesh:

  • Bomdila
  • Ziro
  • Pasighat
  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tawang
  • Roing


Assam tourist places

Assam is one of the least explored regions in India but once you land there, you will be mesmerised by its serene beauty. Be it the natural scenery or culture of the people of Assam, you are sure to be awed by the variety and color Assam has to offer. The land has people following various faiths. Assam is home for various crafts as well. Do not forget to get to taste the lovely fishes out there.

Capital City: Guwahati

Popular Tourist Places in Assam:

  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Chitralekha Udyan
  • Majuli Island
  • Umananda Temple
  • Halflong


Famous Tourist Places in India State Wise-Bihar

Bihar is an ancient state in eastern India with a rich cultural heritage. It offers splendid beauty, spontaneous magnetism, and inherited charisma. It oozes with the memory of Buddhism and Jainism and most of its places are just like unexplored pearls in an ocean. For Hindus, Bihar tour is also considered a holy place where goddess Sita, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi was born. Also, you can find here the old heritage culture like folk song. Samachakeva is the famous festival of Bihar shows migration of birds from Himalaya to Mithila.

Capital City: Patna

Popular Tourist Places in Bihar:

  • Bodhgaya
  • Kushinagar
  • Nalanda
  • Sonepur Fair
  • Sasaram
  • Great Buddha Statue

Chandigarh (Union Territory)

Famous Tourist Places in India State Wise-Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a place that is systematic, full of greenery, and still has a coating of modernity in it. It was formed after the Indian independence, as the first planned city of post-independence India. The different Places to visit in Chandigarh ensure a lifetime of happy memories. Chandigarh boasts of its amazing architecture and landscape that is undoubtedly a treat to eyes. The city due to its highly urban planning and low crime rate remains a favorite tourist attraction as it serves as a home away from home for most foreigners who visit India.

Popular Tourist Places in Chandigarh:

  • Rose Garden
  • Leisure Valley
  • Rock Garden
  • Chattbir Zoo
  • Mohali Cricket Stadium
  • Nepli Reserve Forests


Famous Tourist Places in India State Wise-Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is one of the states in India where you get to cover all the aspects of tourism under one roof. Famed as one of the electricity and steel producing states of India, Chhattisgarh was formed on 1st November, 2000, partitioning from Madhya Pradesh. Chhattisgarh stands apart in its practices, social rituals and its diverse tribal culture and lifestyle. This fascinating town has a deep archaeological significance as well as a connection to Buddhism. From monuments to spectacular landscapes, waterfalls, caves and heritage temples, Chhattisgarh proves to be an ideal destination for tourists.

Capital City: Raipur

Popular Tourist Places in Chhattisgarh:

  • Tirathgarh Falls
  • Bhoramdeo Temple
  • Rajeev Smriti Van
  • Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir
  • Laxman Temple
  • Maikal Hills

Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territory)

Famous State Wise Tourist Places in India-Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territory)

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union Territory in western India. It is set between Gujarat and Maharashtra while Dadra lies a few kilometres north of Nagar Haveli in Gujarat. Lush green forests, meandering rivers, large waterfronts, cascading waterfalls, the gentle gurgle of streams, the distant hills, a gorgeous kaleidoscope of flora and fauna, and all these belong to the serene and sylvan land of Dadra and Nagar Haveli where nature is at her best.

Capital City: Silvassa

Popular Tourist Places in Dadra and Nagar Haveli:

  • Lion Safari Park
  • Karad
  • Vanganga Garden
  • Bal Udyan Park
  • Dudhani Lake
  • Tribal Museum

Daman and Diu (Union Territory)

Famous State Wise Tourist Places in India-Daman and Diu (Union Territory)

Daman and Diu is a destination for everyone and for all seasons. Idyllic sunbathed-beaches, nostalgic forts and churches and a rich local heritage and culture are the reasons that make this union territory unique. A trip to Daman and Diu will embrace a large number of natural wonders and offers you complete peace and tranquility. Also you can make here lots of adventure and fun. You can get everything you need.

Popular Tourist Places in Daman and Diu:

  • Devka Beach
  • Moti Daman Fort
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Church of Bom Jesus
  • Jampore Beach
  • Gangeshwar Temple
  • Diu Fort

Delhi (National Capital Territory)

Delhi tourist places

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi or NCT, is a city and a union territory of India. is the capital city of the Republic of India. It hosts the government’s legislature, executive and judiciary arms of the government. New Delhi is a vivid blend of traditions, cultural diversity, political importance as well as architectural brilliance. It bridges its historical glory with the current modern era.

Popular Tourist Places in Delhi:

  • Red Fort
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Lodi Gardens
  • Chandani Chowk
  • Tughlaqabad Fort
  • Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple
  • Bahai (Lotus) Temple


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Famous State Wise Tourist Places in India-Goa

Goa is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in India. People travel from far and wide to this small state for its diverse mix of beaches, adrenaline activities, parties, nature, and history. It has many Forts and Churches built in Portuguese architectural styles that captivate the attention of the visitors. On one hand, you have the most alluring natural charms where as on the other hand you have an excellent array of architectural masterpieces, which are dotted in various towns of the state.

Capital City: Panaji

Popular Tourist Places in Goa:

  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • Fort Aguada
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • Se Cathedral
  • Chapora Beach
  • Agonda Beach
  • Palolem Beach

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State Wise Attractions in India- Gujarat

Stretching into Arabian sea, Gujarat with a long coastline is a paradise for tourists from all over the world. The State took its name from the Gujjars, who ruled the area during the 700’s and 800’s. With distinguished historical and cultural prominence, Gujarat’s diverse tourist interests fit well with one’s quest for wanderlust. Also, it’s a birthplace of great figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. This state truly has a lot to offer to the tourists. Gujarat is also the famous business hub of India for garments, spices and many more.

Capital City: Gandhinagar

Popular Tourist Places in Gujarat:

  • Gir National Park
  • Junagadh
  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Saputara Hills
  • Gopnath Beach
  • Narala Island
  • Navlakha Temple
  • Lakhota Museum


Haryana tourist places

The land of Haryana is so ancient, which can be gauged by the fact that this was the place where Veda Vyasa, the saint, wrote the famous epic Mahabharata. The name Haryana means the Abode of God from Sanskrit Hari (the Hindu God Vishnu) and ayana (home), although it may also refer to the lush green landscape of the state. This 16th largest state in India ranks amongst the leading industrialized states in the country. Also, it is a major producer and supplier of agricultural products in India.

Capital City: Chandigarh

Popular Tourist Places in Haryana:

  • Chandigarh
  • Kurukshetra
  • Ambala
  • Hisar
  • Pinjore
  • Karnal
  • Mewat

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh tourist places

The mountainous landscape of Himachal Pradesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas, is made up of a series of valleys and snow covered peaks. Surrounded by majestic mountains, out of which some still challenge mankind to conquer them, the beauty of the land is beyond imagination. Himachal Pradesh has always topped the charts for the most sought after mountain tourist destinations. The tourist places in Himachal Pradesh make the state a popular weekend retreat.

Capital City: Shimla

Popular Tourist Places in Himachal Pardesh:

  • Kullu
  • Shimla
  • Manali
  • Chamba
  • Dharamsala
  • Malana
  • Kasauli

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Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir tourist places

Be it to escape from the scorching summer of the Indian plains, an extended family vacation, romantic honeymoon or adventure and fun with friends, Jammu and Kashmir, famed as the crown of India, is one of the most sought-after destinations in India. Jammu and Kashmir consisting of three regions: Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Jammu & Kashmir is known as the heaven of the world and quite popular for its picturesque valleys and beautiful lakes.

Capital City: Srinagar

Popular Tourist Places in Jammu Kashmir:

  • Dal Lake
  • Leh
  • Rajauri
  • Badgam
  • Gulmarg
  • Sonamarg
  • Tulip Garden


Jharkhand tourist places

‘The Land of Forests’ as Jharkhand is famously called, is heaven for nature lovers. The region of Jharkhand was once the part of Magadha Empire and was a tributary of Kalinga, ancient Orissa also the language used by tribes of Jharkhand identical to the one used by Harappa people. Jharkhand Tourism attracts the tourists with its unforgettable places of tourist interest. The state is mostly covered by forests, wildlife sanctuaries, minerals and industries.

Capital City: Ranchi

Popular Tourist Places in Jharkhand:

  • Baidyanath Jyotirlinga
  • Deori Temple
  • Maluti Temple
  • Canary Hill
  • Dhanbad
  • Jubilee Park
  • Khandoli Dam


Karnataka tourist places

Karnataka, in the South West of India, is a prominent tourism hub, attracting tourists from across the world. A land known for its silks, spices and sandalwood, Karnataka adds up an experience to remember for a lifetime. Locked between Kannad Coast, Western Ghats, and Deccan Plateau, the state boasts of forests, hills, temples, caves beaches, riversides, lakes, coffee estates, waterfalls, ruins, and so much more interesting tourist spots.

Capital City: Bangalore

Popular Tourist Places in Karnataka:

  • Kabini
  • Jog Falls
  • Shimoga
  • Karwar
  • Bandipur National Park
  • Coorg Hills
  • Gol Gumbaz

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Kerala tourist places

Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It has some extremely beautiful tourist destinations to hold the attention of global tourists. There are hill-stations, backwaters, commercial cities, hamlets, and much more to explore. Rich culture and heritage of Kerala also attracts nature lovers from all over the world. The only suggestion while you visit Kerala is to take a long leave so that you could maximize your stay in the place.

Capital City: Thiruvananthapuram

Popular Tourist Places in Kerala:

  • Kumarakom
  • Alleppey
  • Wayanad
  • Kovalam
  • Munnar
  • Varkala
  • Cochin

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Lakshadweep (Union Territory)

Lakshadweep tourist places

Turquoise blue water and endless lagoons  make Lakshadweep serene and peaceful. It is India’s smallest union territory. The name literally means “Hundred Thousand Islands” in Sanskrit (laksha = Hundred Thousand (1 Lakh), dweep = island). It has an archipelago of 36 coral islands, with 3 reefs which makes the aquatic life more unique than rest of India. The beautiful marine life, the villages, the tourist resorts and the mosques are great attractions for the tourists.

Capital City: Kavaratti

Popular Tourist Places in Lakshadweep:

  • Agatti Island
  • Amindivi Island
  • Bangaram Island
  • Kalpeni Island
  • Kavaratti Island
  • Minicoy Island

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh tourist places

From thrilling wild jungles to serene places of worship, and everything in between, the destinations of Madhya Pradesh offer experiences as vast and diverse as the state itself. The state is a life giving factor in our country a perfect reflection of India as it blends in both urbanity and historical events so well. In addition to this, the national parks of Madhya Pradesh offer some of India’s best jungle lodges and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Capital City: Bhopal

Popular Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Orchha
  • Indore
  • Kanha National Park
  • Mandu
  • Khajuraho


Maharashtra tourist places

The beautiful state of Maharashtra is situated in the north centre of Indian peninsula is bordered by the states of Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. It is the 2nd most populated and the 3rd largest state in India.  Hill stations, Konkan Coast Beaches,Aurangabad caves and the list of great forts along with adventure,nature and religious tourism are the main attraction of the state.

Capital City: Mumbai

Popular Tourist Places in Maharashtra:

  • Konkan Coast Beaches
  • Kolhapur
  • Mumbai
  • Ajanta Ellora Caves
  • Amusement Theme Park
  • Matheran
  • Raigad Fort Mahad


Manipur tourist places

Manipur is one of the ‘seven sisters’; 7 north-eastern Indian States and is one of the gems in the tourist places’ collection in India. It is a land that can stun you with everything that it has on offer. With its quick flowing rapids, carpet of exotic flowers, and lazy lakes, the state is called the ‘Switzerland of the East’. is a beautiful destination in India that can both baffle and vivify the travellers.

Capital City: Imphal

Popular Tourist Places in Manipur:

  • Ukhrul
  • Thoubal
  • Bishnupur
  • Senapati
  • Churachanpur
  • Tamenglong


Meghalaya tourist places

Meghalaya, in northeast India, used to be part of Assam. Known as the Abode of the Clouds, it’s famous for being the wettest place on earth. It is one of the most visited destination of north east, because of the diversity of natural aesthetic bounty here. Home to an extraordinary diversity of peoples, the Khasi, Jantia and Garo tribes, Meghalaya is one of the most picturesque states of India, which serves as an ideal gateway for people in search of beauty and tranquility.

Capital City: Shillong

Popular Tourist Places in Meghalaya:

  • Shillong
  • Cherrapunji
  • Mawlynnong Cleanest Village
  • Garo Hills
  • Umiam Lake
  • Tura
  • Williamnagar


Mizoram tourist places

Known for its evergreen hills and dense bamboo jungles, Mizoram lies in the southern most tip of north east India. High hills and breathtaking valleys along with rivers and lakes make Mizoram one of the most sought after holiday destinations in North East India.  Typical food habit, dance forms, attires, and local music add zing to the overall cultural panorama of Mizoram and tend to be a great deal for any travel enthusiast who would love to taste offbeaten.

Capital City: Aizawl

Popular Tourist Places in Mizoram:

  • Champhai
  • Lunglei
  • Murlen National Park
  • Serchhip
  • Lawngtlai
  • Vantawang Falls


Nagaland tourist places

Nagaland is the land of the Nagas, the local tribe inhabiting the region, and is also a member of the seven sisters group. It blends perfectly with every tourist’s expectations – the serene atmosphere makes you unwind and relax; the exquisite landscapes and beautiful sunrise and sunset. The hills make this state a perfect place for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle camping and rock climbing.

Capital City: Kohima

Popular Tourist Places in Nagaland:

  • Dimapur
  • Kohima
  • Mokukchung
  • Wokha
  • Kachari Ruins
  • Dzukou Valley


Odisha Tourist Places

This Indian state has various attractions ranging from natural wonders such as coastline and beaches,Chilka Lake and many religious sites. The long list of beaches, biosphere reserves, temples, museums, and other tourist places in Odisha make the state a must-visit destination. You can enjoy innumerable things on your Tour to Orissa.

Capital City: Bhubaneswar

Popular Tourist Places in Odisha:

  • Cuttack
  • Sambalpur
  • Raghurajpur
  • Rourkela
  • Konark
  • Bargarh


Puducherry Tourist Places

Puducherry previously called Pondicherry and commonly known to as ‘Pondy’, situated on the east coast of India. Even years after the French left it, Pondicherry has managed to retain its French influence with tree-lined avenues and Mediterranean style houses that lend it a curious non-Indian touch. Wide highways, seafront stroll, French building, stunning beaches and places of religious significance make Pondicherry a place worth to visit always.

Popular Tourist Places in Puducherry:

  • Raj Niwas
  • The Pondicherry Botanical Garden
  • Auroville
  • Paradise beach
  • Promenade
  • Chunnambar Boathouse


Punjab tourist places

Punjab, the land of five rivers and astounding cultural history is located in the north west of India. This state is filled with wonderful architecture and places of worship.  The charming cities and towns of Punjab are dotted with numerous ancient monuments, gurudwaras, temples, ashrams, serene lakes, sacred shrines, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to many rare species of animals and migratory birds.

Capital City: Chandigarh

Popular Tourist Places in Punjab:

  • Amritsar
  • Chandigarh
  • The Rock Garden
  • The Doraha Fort
  • Patiala
  • Sukhna Lake


Rajasthan Tourist Places

Rajasthan is appropriately named as “the Land of Kings”, is indeed one of the most beautiful states of India replete with lavish palaces and majestic forts of ‘maharajas’ depicting their fabulous kingdom. Each individual kingdom of Rajasthan has a distinctive style of architecture and arts making it one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

Capital City: Jaipur

Popular Tourist Places in Rajasthan:

  • Jaisalmer
  • Jaipur
  • Pushkar
  • Udaipur
  • Amber Fort and Palace
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park


Sikkim tourist places

Sikkim is one of the beauties in north eastern part of India. The state was an independent kingdom up until 1975, when it was taken over by India following a period of anti-royal riots and political unrest. A Himalayan wonderland, bestowed with a variety of vegetation and undisturbed valleys, five climatic zones, peaceful environment, hospitable and humble people and a rich cultural heritage – all these make Sikkim a must visit tourist spot in India.

Capital City: Gangtok

Popular Tourist Places in Sikkim:

  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Nathu La Pass
  • Flora and Fauna Sanctuaries
  • Yuksom and the Dzongri Trail
  • Ravangla
  • Rumtek Monastery

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu tourist places

Tamil Nadu is located in the south-eastern part of the Indian Peninsula. The state is ideally the homeland of classical civilization that has preserved and nurtured their two millennia old culture, traditions and art in such a way that it has been set as an example for other states. It is well renowned for its temple towns and heritage sites, hill stations, waterfalls, national parks, local cuisine and the fabulous wildlife and scenic beauty.

Capital City: Chennai

Popular Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu:

  • Mahabalipuram
  • Thanjavur
  • Kanyakumari
  • Madurai
  • Rameswaram
  • Thiruvannamalai

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Telangana tourist places

The state of Telangana is to be a newly christened state of India. The state is rich with historic and cultural heritage and the climate is hot n dry. The state lies mainly in the Deccan plateau region and is drained by two major rivers Godavari and Krishna, besides some more minor rivers.

Capital City: Hyderabad

Popular Tourist Places in Telangana:

  • Warangal
  • Nizamabad
  • Mahbubnagar
  • Medak
  • Nalgonda
  • Rangareddy


Tripura tourist places

Tripura is a small province of India in the cosy lap of the Himalayas, which is known for its diverse culture, archaeology, handicrafts, and music. The dewy landscapes, lush green valleys, and giant hill locks make it a perfect getaway. Also, this small state is blessed with beauty which you can witness through its water bodies, palaces, forest and wildlife.

Capital City: Agartala

Popular Tourist Places in Tripura:

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Neermahal Palace
  • Tripura Government Museum
  • Rabindra Kanan
  • Kumarghat
  • Pilak

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Tourist Places

The land with endless tourist interests, Uttar Pradesh tourism beckons with its wonders travellers from across the globe. It is the most populated state of the country and the state which literally means the ‘Northern Province’ has a history rich with culture, art, devotion and royal days. Also, home to historical cities which are in turn home to the mythological Indian Gods, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Capital City: Lucknow

Popular Tourist Places in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Varanasi
  • Kanpur
  • Agra
  • Taj Mahal
  • Ayodhya
  • Sarnath


Uttarakhand tourist places

Uttarakhand is home of magnificent glaciers, towering snow-clad mountains, valleys blooming with flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests. The state is full of unspoiled natural beauty and pilgrim centers. Ancient holy places, mountains, forests and valleys, and an abundance of trekking options are some of the attractions that make travel to Uttarakhand worthwhile.

Capital City: Dehradun

Popular Tourist Places in Uttarakhand:

  • Abbott Mount
  • Auli
  • Almora
  • Badrinath
  • Barkot
  • Binsar
  • Rishikesh
  • Nainital
  • Mussoorie

West Bengal

West Bengal tourist places

West Bengal, situated in eastern India, is a land with a rich diversity. In the ancient times, Bengal was an important part of the kingdoms of many janapadas, kings and zamindars. It is famous for its cultural heritage due to various folk traditions, literature stalwarts including Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, as well as many renowned musicians and artists.

Capital City: Kolkata

Popular Tourist Places in West Bengal:

  • Darjeeling
  • Tiger Hill
  • Howrah Bridge
  • Bankura
  • Midnapore
  • Sandakphu
  • Siliguri
  • Mandarmani

I hope you would now believe that India is a land of tourism. These state wise popular destinations in India will give you an idea about travel in India. Don’t forget to share your experience in comments!

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