10 Reasons Why Mumbai is Absolutely a “Jhakaas” City

There are many cities in the world that you go to for work, to meet friends, family and sometimes just to explore them. These cities add endless memories in your life; some good and some bad. You recall them for a couple of days and then after some time you get back to your old routine. But, there are some cities which leave a bigger impression and influence on your life; they teach you something which you’d never experience anywhere else. One of those cities is Mumbai!

The commercial capital of India, Mumbai is known to be the coolest city to stay in India and for spending holidays no other place can beat this amazing city. You would fall in love with this melting pot of a city where you can find great paradoxes and little joys at every turn. There is a sense of affection you generate for the city even if you have stayed here only for some days.

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Here is a list of 10 things which make Mumbai just awesome-

  1. The Famous Indian Burger- Vada Pav.

The Famous Indian Burger- Vada Pav in Mumbai

If you have stayed in Mumbai for even 1 day you most definitely would have tried out the most famous street food, Vada Pav. The snack hails from the streets of Maharashtra and has made its way to restaurants and kiosks all over India especially in huge numbers across various streets in Mumbai. So this spicy and filling Vada Pav is a treat that should not be missed when you are in Mumbai!

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  1. Bollywood Stays Here.

Bollywood Stays Here-Mumbai

We love bollywood, we love those brilliant actors who make us cry, laugh, entertain us with their superb skills. If you also have a dreams of making it in the Cinema industry in India Mumbai won’t disappoint you or if you only have a desire to see a glance of your favourite actor, Mumbai will make it true.

  1. Less Space but has a Giant Heart.

Less Space but has a Giant Heart-Mumbai

The very true thing about Mumbai is many people there don’t have much in the way of material possessions. But it is also true that they believe in “Ghar bada nahi hai toh kya hua? Dil toh bada hai.” Means they believe in “sharing is caring.” Whatever they have, they’re willing to share.

  1. Safe for Women.

Safe for Women-Mumbai

Women safety is the biggest concern in today’s era. While there are many Indian cities with an ill-reputation for being unsafe for women Mumbai is a safe haven. It is the city where women don’t have to look behind their backs every 5 minutes.

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  1. It’s all about Fashion.

Its all about Fashion-Mumbai

Fashion gets its meaning in Mumbai. With hundreds of stalls on one single street you have too many options to pick your favourite piece of clothing, bags, footwear and what not! Fashion Street, Hill Road, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Chor Bazaar are some of the ‘go to’ places in Mumbai.

  1. ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’, suits Mumbaikars.

Work Hard Party Harder suits Mumbaikars

Whether you leave work at 6pm or 11pm, you will never complain of being bored or following the same routine. You’ll always find so much fun on your way because Mumbai never sleeps. Sometimes you work hard, other time you party hard- a balanced life between work and fun. From intimate bars to high class lounges and cultural performances, Mumbai has a wide variety of options to make sure that you never get bored.

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  1. Sea Awaits you When You’re Low.

Sea Awaits you When You are Low-Mumbai

Whether it’s Marine drive or the Worli-Sea Face, nothing calms down frayed nerves better than the soothing sea breeze. You simply love the sounds of the sea and you curl up and just let the familiar gush of waves hitting the rocks be the only thing your ears listen to. It’s a place where you can find your corner somewhere to indulge in some deep thinking or a peaceful time all by yourself.

  1. Mumbai Monsoons are Worth the Wait.

Mumbai Monsoons are Worth the Wait

You wait patiently for Mumbai monsoons every year. Mumbai looks magical when it is raining, the weather gets cooler and you obviously get an excuse to go out for weekend getaways like Khandala,Lonavala.

  1. Ganapati Bappa Morya.

Ganapati Bappa Morya in Mumbai

Have you been to Mumbai during Ganesh Utsav? You better be prepared to match the excitement of the locals here during this ten-days-long festival. There are hundreds of enthusiastic people who are busy singing and dancing as they move forward for Ganesh Visarjan. Also, there are massive Ganesha statues all over the city.

  1. You are Free to express your LOVE.

You are Free to express your LOVE in Mumbai

Yes, Mumbai gives you the freedom of expressing your emotions to someone you like or love. It’s an open love city where you have all the rights to share some quality time with your loved one.

So guys what you feel now? Isn’t Mumbai is really a “Jhakaas” city. Do share your views if I have left something about Mumbai because the city isn’t about this much only. There are several other things that make it unique and appealing.

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