New Year party in Goa 2018: Best Places to Spend NYE

Planning for a New Year Party in Goa this year? Of course, why not? We all know that Goa is one of the most happening party destinations not only in India but across the globe.

There is no surprise to know that tourists from all over the world gather for New Year Eve parties in Goa. The nightlife of Goa is amazing and gives an excellent opportunity to celebrate New Year in the most thrilling way.

So, are you the one looking for what to do in Goa on New Year’s Eve? Well here’s a list of places/activities where you can experience the best New Year party in Goa because these Parties in Goa are everywhere. There is singing, dancing, eating, partying and so much more.

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Best Places/Activities for the New Year Party in Goa 2018

  1. Party all Night in Goa on New Year’s Eve

New Year Party in Goa- All night party in Goa

Although Goa is the all-time party destination but New Year brings something special to the town. It’s that place where the day can be over, the sun can be set but the party never ends, and that makes the New Year eve as blasting as you have dreamed it to be.

The breathtakingly beautiful sky, the cool and serene ocean along with the palm trees create a perfect surrounding to host night parties in Goa where a lot of people who love partying all night long show up their presence.

Some of the long night party destinations in Goa are the beach shacks, Club Tito’s, Shores Bar and Guru Bar at Anjuna Beach, Party Cruises from Mandovi River, etc.

  1. Sunburn in Goa

New Year Parties in Goa- Sunburn

Sunburn is a premier Electronic Dance Festival organized in the environs of Goa. For the music lover, nothing can be exciting than this. The festival offers music, entertainment, food and shopping. So what else you want on this New Year?

The great thing about the Sunburn venue is that it’s huge to accommodate hordes of party people, so you will have enough space to dance, sit, lie down and roam around. The festival gives an unforgettable experience with 3 days of complete partying and relaxing.

  1. Club Cubana

what to do in goa on new years eve- Club Cubana

Located high on the hills of Arpora, Club Cubana is one of the happening destinations for the New Year party in Goa. It is the best neon-lit nightclub, best DJs, with multi-levelled dance floor plus a spacious outdoor area with a pool.

So get ready to shake your legs on disco beats to techno tunes this year at Club Cubana. Besides, it is a place where numbers of models and actors visit, so you never know, you might end up rocking the floor with your favorite personality!

  1. Casinos in Goa

Casinos in Goa on New Year Eve

If gambling is what you like then why don’t you visit one of the strikingly decorated glam casinos that drift along the waters and roll the dice in your favor on this New Year Eve? It is your destiny whether you win or not, but the fun you will have will be the best thing ever.

You will have plenty of choices from dance performances to electrifying DJ scenes to biggest gambling tournaments, casinos in Goa are among the top priorities for New Year celebration.

  1. Sinq

Sinq Club in Goa to celebrate New Year Party

It is one of the newest clubs in Goa and considered as one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It is a first party resort in Goa which also has a club lounge restaurant. The best thing that keeps this place stands out is their rooms which transform into a dance floor with the music coming from the club.

You’ll see totally different theme of all the rooms, dissimilar color and painting on the walls of the club. These all make this spot a great destination for a grand New Year party in Goa.

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