Kerala in Summer- Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala during Summer

Kerala is a love of all the tourists not from India but also from different corners of the world. Kerala offers a number of breathtaking natural beauties that stay long to the visitor’s mind.

Though Kerala is crowded throughout the year, people think a lot about visiting Kerala in summer. Summers are really not too harsh as temperature rarely exceeds from 32 degrees so, paying a visit to Kerala during summers is not a bad idea.

From soothing hills, rich green cover, diverse fauna, alluring backwaters, stunning beaches, delicious cuisines, to ancient temples, Kerala boasts of the best that one could ever ask on their holiday in Kerala during summers.

You can consider exploring the various places to visit in Kerala in May, June and July because there are some of the best destinations to visit in Kerala during summer vacations.

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Top Places to visit in Kerala in Summer

1. Munnar

tourist places in Kerala in Summer-Munnar

Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations in South India and the best place to visit in Kerala in summer. You would see all shades of this enchanting place with its rolling hills, tea plantation, waterfalls, nature trails and lakes. You can take part in camping, trekking, exploring tea gardens, tea processing tours, mountain biking, wildlife spotting, and more during Kerala trip in a hot season.

2. Thekkady

tourist places in Kerala in Summer-Thekkady

Home to the renowned Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady is Kerala’s most amazing and picturesque destination. This serene destination of Kerala gives you a chance to explore the untamed side of Kerala with all its exotic flora and fauna. Thekkady is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone who is looking for a quiet holiday in the lap of greenery. In short, Thekkady is a hot pick during any Kerala tour in summer.

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3. Bekal

Best Tourist places in Kerala in summer-Bekal

Bekal is a perfect tourist spot, popular for its scenic beauty and this grabs the attention of visitors from different places. Tourists can visit this vacationer spot at various times of the year. This is one of the best places to visit in Kerala in summer as it is the best time to visit attractions around Bekal like Nilesweram, Bekal Fort and Beach, Keppil Beach and much more. In addition to this, during the Summer nights, a gathering around bonfire close to the beaches is extremely enjoyable and popular among tourists.

4. Wayanad

Best Tourist places in Kerala in summer-Wayanad

Wayanad is also one of the top Kerala tourist places to visit in summer. The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy fields. Immense and numerous paddy fields and dense green forests dress up the region in different shades of green. It is a wonderful destination for leisure tourism. Interspersed with deep valleys, rugged terrains, dense jungles, gurgling streams, Wayanad is a must visit. The place is also popular for its trekking trails. The weather is pleasant in the summer, though afternoons can get hot.

5. Kollam

Best Tourist places in Kerala in summer-Kollam

Kollam is an ancient port town and is also known by its anglicized name Quilion. It was an international emporium of trade and even now it is a prosperous commercial centre. The town edges with the famous Ashtamudi lake. Besides, the local bazaar is pretty lively and can be visited to witness the local life of the people more closely. There are also some good tourist resorts.

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6. Thiruvananthapuram

tourist places to visit in kerala in summer-Thiruvananthapuram

Bounded by sea on one end and by mountains on the other side, the city of Thiruvananthapuram is one of the best places to visit in Kerala in summer. The place is known for its idyllic beaches and rich culture. Hill stations, serene beaches, backwaters and lagoons make it a must visit destination of Kerala. You will also see the diverse flora and fauna here and this is also a major attraction for medical tourists learning Ayurveda.

7. Varkala

tourist places to visit in kerala in summer-Varkala

One of most exotic destinations in Kerala, Varkala is unique and amazing, and a tourist hub because of its incredible location. With its sparkling beaches, soaring laterite cliffs bordered by coconut palms and views that extend over the Arabian Sea, the coastal town of Varkala in Kerala is a wonderful place for a relaxed beach holiday in summer.

8. Alleppey

Best place to visit in kerala in summer-Alleppey

Alappuzha/Alleppey, popularly known as the ‘Venice of East’, is one of the most popular tourist spots to visit in summer season. Alleppey is home to wonderfully picturesque backwaters. You can enjoy a ride and stay in a houseboat in the backwaters. The pleasant climatic condition also plays crucial role in making the place a must visit travel destination.

9. Vagamon

Best place to visit in kerala in summer-Vagamon

Vagamon is one of the most scenic Greenfield hill stations in India with moderate winter, monsoon and salubrious climate round the year. This could prove the best tourist spot in Kerala in summer season. Apart from mesmerizing beauty, one would also find a lot of calm, and serenity here. There are a lot of natural hot spots that make this place a blessing for tourists.

10. Gavi

Best place to visit in kerala in summer-Gavi

Gavi seems to be the best destination choice for travellers who wish to escape the sweaty, sultry heat of the summer. Gavi is one of those hidden gems of Kerala that definitely deserves to be explored. With its mist enveloped hills, pristine forests, fine tea estates and breathtaking scenery, Gavi is like a paradise on Earth, untouched and still shining with glory.

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