10 Most Interesting and Unique Museums you must Visit in India

There are many people who find museums very boring and never like to visit them. But what I think is we must visit museums. After all they are a large store of knowledge, history and culture. Still if you don’t find anything interesting about them, this post on museums of India is just for you.

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Here I’m not listing down the best museums in India, but the unusual and unique museums that make India special, and trust me after going through the the entire post you’ll start loving museums of India or any other place.

10 Unique Museums you must visit in India

1. Mayong Black Magic And Witchcraft Museum, Guwahati

unique museums in India to visit- Mayong Black Magic And Witchcraft Museum-Guwahati

Mayong, a tiny cluster of villages along the Brahmaputra is made up of a community of magicians. Meaning of ‘Mayong’ has originated from the word maya (illusion). Many ancient relics of Ayurveda and black magic are now preserved in the Mayong Central Museum. All those who visit can learn of the origins of tantra and are given demonstrations of ancient rituals by the locals. This is certainly unlike any other museum experience. Are you really scared? Don’t say this because it is so thrilling 😀

2. Losel Doll Museum, Dharamsala

unique museums in India to visit- Losel Doll Museum-Dharamsala

The Losel Doll Museum has diorama displays of traditional Tibetan scenes, using miniature Tibetan dolls in traditional costumes. The museum houses a unique collection of 150 costumed dolls. These dolls were created by a group of artistic monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery.

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3. Paldi Kite Museum, Ahmedabad

unique museums in India to visit-Paldi Kite Museum-Ahmedabad

When the winter is at its peak, the sky in Ahmedabad is full of colorful kite, and that’s why the city of Gujarat also houses terrific Kite museum which is solely dedicated to unique kites. The Kite Museum was established on February 26th 1984 and is founded and designed by Bhanu Shah. The museum houses not only his personal collection of kites but also showcases interesting illustrations and photographs as well.

4. Sulabh International Toilet Museum, New Delhi

Interesting and unique museums in India-Sulabh International Toilet Museum-New Delhi

The museum has on display more than 300 exhibits comprising of Photographs, models, originals, jokes, literature, replicas, cartoons and so on. Also, the Sulabh International Toilet Museum is an important haunt for those researching on the subject of sanitation. Though it is one of the weirdest museums in India, it is fun visiting it with friends. What say?

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5. Click Art 3D Museum, Chennai

Interesting and unique museums in India-Click Art 3D Museum-Chennai

The Click Art Museum is a unique center for Art and is the first Art Studio in the country that showcases unique 3-D art and art with tricky optical illusions that makes it very interesting and interactive. Visitors love to take clever angles for taking photographs.

6. Government Archaeological Museum, Bangalore

Interesting and unique museums in India-Government Archaeological Museum-Bangalore

Government Museum is the Second oldest museum in South India and one of the oldest museums in India. The museum is an Archaeological Museum with two exhibition and 18 galleries of sculpture, natural history, geology, music and numismatics. In addition, some philanthropists have also donated rare specimens out of their collections to the museum.

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7. Shivalik Fossil Park Museum, Sirmour

Interesting museums in India-Shivalik Fossil Park Museum-Sirmour

Shivalik Fossil Park contains the fossilised remains of prehistoric animals which lived in the Shivalik Hill ranges of Himachal Pradesh. It is a unique place with preservation of Shivalik mammals and containing Shivalik fossils. The park is one of its kinds in whole Asia which displays the life size fiberglass models of pre-historic animals whose fossils, skeletons were unearthed here.

8. National Rail Museum, New Delhi

Uncommon museums in India-National Rail Museum-New Delhi

The National Rail Museum is situated in Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi. Here you can explore 160 years of Indian Railways with the museum’s remarkable collection of historical photographs, documents, railway artifacts, and train models, both static and working. Besides these, the outdoor section also has a turntable, and a rail garden, showcasing models of trains passing through India’s varied terrains.

9. Human Brain Museum, Bangalore

Uncommon museums in India-Human Brain Museum-Bangalore

Housed in the basement of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, this unique museum of India has over 300 brain specimens preserved in jars, collected from donors and victims of road accidents. These brains are collected in order to carry on research who are in the field of neurosciences, for the study of neurological, neurosurgical and psychiatric disorders.

10. Arna Jharna, Jodhpur

Interesting museums to visit in India-Arna Jharna-Jodhpur

An alternative museum of and for local communities near Jodhpur, Arna Jharna is a tribute to late Komal Kothari, one of India’s leading folklorists and oral historians who was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2004. One can enjoy dance and musical performances at this place. Artists and researchers can participate in the various workshops conducted here.

So these are the most unusual and unique museums you must visit in India for a change in your daily routine. It will be a fun-filled visit!

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