8 Indian Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood

There is no surprise in seeing a cricketer dating a Bollywood actress because the bond between cricketers and Bollywood is very old and so the affairs between them shouldn’t be shocking. What say?

There are some of the cricketers and their ex-girlfriends from Bollywood who didn’t work well in their relationship.

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1. Kim Sharma and Yuvraj Singh

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Kim Sharma And Yuvraj Singh

The ‘Mohabbatein’-fame girl Kim Sharma is the lady with whom Yuvraj had longest affair. The two dated for four years, but they parted their ways because of Yuvraj’s mother was against the relationship.

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2. MS Dhoni and Deepika Padukone

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Ms Dhoni And Deepika Padukone

Dhoni had a huge crush on Deepika after her Bollywood debut. Apparently, Dhoni even specially invited Deepika for a T20 match which the latter even attended. This created more gossip among the media about their relationship status.

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3. Sreesanth and Riya Sen

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Sreesanth And Riya sen

The cricketer known for having his affair with the B Town actress Riya Sen. The two had met while doing an ad for a jewellery brand though the two never confessed but they soon had the break up due to the uncertainty seen in with the cricketer.

4. Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharvani

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Zaheer Khan And Isha Sharvani

The romance between cricketer Zaheer Khan and actress Isha Sharvani have been around for a long time- for 8 years. When Isha was asked about their break up in an interview she answered “I don’t want to talk about that… it is way too personal and something that should remain between two people.”

5. Virat Kohli and Izabelle

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Virat Kohli And Izabelle

Here’s what Izabelle had to say about their relationship: “Virat was one of the first Indian friends I had when I came to India. We were dating for quite a while. ..We were together for almost two years. But we didn’t want to make it public. So yeah, Virat and I did have a relationship.”

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6. Sourav Ganguly and Nagma

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Sourav Ganguly and Nagma

The famous cricketer came under the spell of the South Indian famous actress Nagma Arvind Moraji when he was at the top of his success in cricket. Ganguly met actress Nagma in 1999 at London, when he was already married to Dona Ganguly. Nagma and Sourav started dating each other and were in secret affair in 2001.

7. Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood-Rohit Sharma And Sofia Hayat

While Rohit has never opened up about his affair with Sofia, she has brought up this issue few times on social media. Sofia had once taken to Twitter after their break up to mention that she and Rohit can never be together and have broken up as she was “looking for a gentleman.”

8. Suresh Raina and Shruti Haasan

Cricketers and their Ex-girlfriends from Bollywood- Suresh Raina and Shruti Haasan

Shruti and Raina were in a mature relationship, but they were trying to keep it private. The news of their special rapport (May 15, 2013) after Shruti was spotted cheering for his team, the Chennai Super Kings, at the IPL matches.

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