Goa Carnival 2018 – Dates, Venues, Celebration & Tickets

Goa is the state which is famous for being the pleasure ground for national as well as international travellers. And you don’t need a reason to visit Goa, but in case you are looking for some reason to justify going there in the initial months of the new year, here it is: the entire state will be immersed in festivities and for that thanks to the Goa Carnival 2018!

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So get ready for the unlimited dancing, singing and drinking for four days straight. These days are not coming back and if you miss Goa Carnival festival this year then dude… you will lose something very BIG.

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Lets get started with the history of Goa’s most happening event.

Goa Carnival History

Goa Carnival Information

Goa carnival was brought to India by Portuguese during the time they ruled here and approximately 500 years ago the first every carnival was organised in the state. It has been celebrated since the 18th century as a precursor to the abstinence of Lent. Lent is a period of religious observance in Christianity in order to prepare a believer through prayer, penance, and repentance of sins.

It had a Portuguese flavour to it earlier but with time the celebrations have taken up the essence of Goan culture and thus people identify with the festivities and take part in the carnival in crazily large numbers.

The primary purpose of Goa carnival is to make merry for 4 days and 3 nights straight through drinking and dancing. Thousands of tourists from India and abroad also participate in the festivities, irrespective of their religions.

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When is Goa Carnival 2018- Dates and Venue

Event Name : Goa Carnival 2018
Venue : Goa
Start Date : Saturday, 10-Feb-2018
End Date : Tuesday, 13-Feb-2018

Goa Carnival 2018 Celebration

Goa Carnival Information-Celebration-Dates-Venues-Images

Goa Carnival is the most awaited event in Goa, preparations for which start from December itself. Other than music, dance and other entertainment, the carnival in Goa also features short plays depicting the tradition and culture of Goa in a unique way.

However, Goa revives itself during the carnival and comes to life.

These attractions of Goa Carnival are enough to entertain you for three days:

  • Colourful decorated float parades
  • Sports competitions
  • Authentic Goan seafood and a lot of Feni
  • Fashion Shows & DJ Nights

One more thing guys, people of all ages take part in it making it one of the most happening carnivals in the world. You don’t need to give any entry fee to enjoy the festival; you just have to enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy.

Note: As it’s a peak season so all the hotels, guesthouses, and resorts will be packed and the tariff will shoot up to new highs, so book your accommodation in well advance.

As February is also the best time for couples, here they also find:

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Just Pack your bags and get ready to have a great time at Goa Carnival 2018 from 10th February to 13th February.

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