Top 10 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally

Want to travel the world but looking for the cheap places to travel internationally? Then you’ll want to keep an eye out for those top destinations which can available without breaking your pocket.

With so many ways to save, you might be surprised by where you can travel for cheap without spending much on your travel needs. There are many countries/places in the world to explore which are under budget.

Here we’ve listed down the cheapest travel destinations that offer great value and some of the greatest sights and experiences.

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List of Cheap Places to Travel Internationally

1. Romania

Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Romania

Romania is a country that has survived an explosive and tumultuous past but today, Romania has turned a corner, and now it has never been in such good shape. This Eastern European country between Hungary and Bulgaria has become an interesting place to travel than you probably realize. Not only this, over the years, Romania has emerged as a popular holiday destination for many Europeans and it is now competing with the likes of Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. In addition to this, Romania should be attractive just because of its price tag. Everything from accommodation to transport to food is affordable. Romania is definitely one of the cheapest destinations to travel.

2. Morocco

Cheapest Places to Travel Internationally-Morocco

Morocco is an exotic country of wild beaches, snow-capped mountains and vast desert regions in North African. The buzzing cities of Morocco will keep you happily lost with their endless twisty alleyways, while its beautiful landscapes range from vast Saharan dunes to rugged Mediterranean coastlines. There is a lot to take in. This budget country promises adventure at every turn. Budget airlines to many Moroccan cities make it a great choice for a budget traveller, and it can also be a perfect add-on to a European backpacking trip.

3. Greece

Cheap Country to Travel Internationally-Greece

The Greece hotels, restaurants and tourist businesses reduce their prices to attract more visitors. What else is needed now? Greece is one of the cheap places to travel internationally with your loved ones. It is also said about Greece, “Compared to many other European countries popular with travelers, Greece is affordable, and it’s possible to have a very upscale vacation here without blowing the bank.” Many of the fifty-odd islands in Greece depend on domestic tourism, and it’s here that you will find the best bargains. These islands have kept their prices low, yet it’s the same sun that shines on them, and the same sea that hugs their coastlines. Don’t miss to come Athens to join the millions of tourists who come each year to see some of the most famous buildings of classical antiquity.

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4. Turkey

Cheapest Places in the World for Budget Travellers-Turkey

Turkey is the place for you, whether you want to take advantage of the sunny climate at one of the beautiful Mediterranean white sandy beaches, get in touch with its rich heritage and explore the historical grounds, ruins and museums Turkey has everything to offer. Turkey is one of the hottest destinations in Europe to visit right now and also one of the great under budget travel destinations to explore. From shopping to Turkish baths, dancing to nightlife, day or night, Turkey holidays offer something for everyone of all ages.

5. Vietnam

Top Budget Friendly Places to Travel- Vietnam

The country, Vietnam, stands out as a low-cost travel destination in South Asia for affordable luxury resorts, healthy food at cheap prices and beautiful sights. It’s an ideal destination for low-cost travelers who do not have a big budget for their travel. The country’s greatest attraction is its sublime countryside, from the limestone karsts of the north to the waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta, with blissful beaches and frenetic cities crammed in between.  If you are seeking epic adventures, unique experiences, mouth watering foods and ancient historical sights; Vietnam is the place for you.

6. Fiji

Cheapest Countries to Travel Internationally-Fiji

Fiji is a collection of volcanic islands spanning 1,600 kilometers in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is viewed as a far-off and exotic getaway. The most popular destination in the South Pacific, Fiji draws more than 600,000 visitors each year. Fiji, unlike its expensive island neighbors, is actually relatively cheap. Immersing yourself in the Fijian culture is a great way to travel on a budget. Meet the locals, and relax as you relish in nature’s goodness.

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7. China

Worlds Cheapest Destinations-China

Though the prices for hotels, tickets, and food have all slowly increased as China’s economy has picked up steam over the last few decades, for travelers coming from places like the US, Australia & New Zealand, and Europe, visiting China is still a bargain. It offers amazing natural scenery as well as historical and cultural relics, so the number of foreign travellers visiting China is increasing every year. China is still one of the cheap places to travel internationally, in comparison to most of European countries.

8. Cambodia

Budget Friendly Countries to Travel-Cambodia

Cambodia is an amazing place to travel if you’re on a budget and as a backpacker Cambodia is one of the best spots to explore in South East Asia! The country is filled with friendliest people , rich history, delicious food, beautiful coastlines, and a lively nightlife. Many people come to Cambodia just to visit the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat, whilst you definitely should not miss Angkor Wat I implore you to spend a little more time in this wonderful country.

9. Thailand

Pocket Saving Countries to Explore- Thailand

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Most people coming into the region fly into Bangkok and make that their base for doing the circuit around Southeast Asia. It’s a vacation hot spot with white sand beaches, lush mountain jungles and a strong cultural heritage marked by intricate temples and historical landmarks. Furthermore, it’s still a super affordable place to max out your dollars.

10. Peru

Most Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Peru

You don’t need a ton of cash to see the sights in Peru, including Macchu Pichu and Lima. Peru has long been a prime destination for backpackers and adventure travellers. Its geographic diversity, vibrant culture, low cost, amazing cuisine  make it an almost obligatory trip. Apart from Machu Picchu, you can easily spend a week or two visiting the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco. This area is quite fascinating, as it represents the indigenous culture that existed before the Spanish arrived to colonize South America.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy the tickets to explore the Cheap places to travel internationally. It’s gonna be a budget-friendly trip and the memories last forever.

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