10 Best Shopping Places in Mumbai-Street Shopping in Mumbai

If I’m not wrong you’re in Mumbai and looking for some fashion shopping places in Mumbai, right? Don’t worry because the ‘city of dreams’, Mumbai, offers you plenty of options for street shopping.

Let’s have a look at some of my favourite places to visit in Mumbai for shopping:

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10 Fashion Street Shopping Places in Mumbai

1. Colaba Causeway Market

Fashion Street Shopping in Mumbai-Colaba Causeway Market

You will get everything here because this famous shopping market in Mumbai says ‘sab kuch milega.’  It sits right at the top of this list because your trip to Mumbai will not be complete without making it to Colaba. The market is opened from morning till night. Colaba Causeway offers an exquisite variety of brands and at the same time which are easy on the pocketbook. Right from the clothing, sunglasses, watches, bags, footwear is been sold with brands at cheaper rates with a range of colours and patterns. Leopold Cafe and Cafe Mondegar are the places where you can give rest to your feet and eyes. You can also buy handicrafts, books, jewellery, crystal, brass items etc. One advice-Be ready to bargain on the counter!

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2. Linking Road

Fashion Street Shopping in Mumbai-Linking Road

From latest clothes, shoes and accessories, Linking Road has it all. It is one of the best shopping places in Mumbai where the rows of street stalls overflowing with people and vendors selling all the funky things. This market is basically for women, so guys will be little disappointed. Linking road is part of Bandra, which is a hub for shopping, food, pubs, and all things fun. The shopping experience at this place is delighting and one sure gets the latest trendy fashion products here at comparatively much cheaper rates with a bonus of bargain options.

3. Fashion Street

Best Shopping Places in Mumbai-Fashion Street

Fashion Street is probably the oldest and most sought-after place for street shopping in Mumbai.  The market is famous for the trendy and designer clothes, and accessories. The street is jammed with attractive shops of dresses, jeans, shirts, skirts, electronics, accessories, footwear, furniture and local snacks. The best thing about this market in Mumbai is the majority of clothes available here have been rejected by quality-conscious importers. It’s likely that a button may be missing, or a shirt might have a crooked collar, but overall the cloth is inexpensive and of good quality. The more you bargain, the greater profit you get!

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4. Hill Road

Street shopping in mumbai-Hill Road

This roadside flea market gets you everything from the latest woolens to the chicest denim outfits without drilling a hole in your pocket. The varieties in the market make it one of the most popular places to shop in Mumbai at cheaper rates. Some of the most famous stores here are-Fendi Femme for dresses, Riddhi Art Gallery for jewellery and Veronica for footwear.  This market is always at a boom and if you visit this place at the time of a festival or year-end, you could pick up really good and unique stuff.

5. Zaveri Bazaar

Shopping Places in Mumbai-Zaveri Bazaar

The word “Zaveri” means jewellery and “Bazar” is a market. There are number of lovely things to be found in Zaveri Bazaar. Right from old heavy jewelry to newer, lighter styles, pretty little coasters to statues of animals, old coins, napkin rings, ornately worked picture frames, and boxes galore. Zaveri Bazar is the largest hub for the jewellery industry and is one of the best street shopping places in Mumbai. Some of the shops sell second-hand jewellery and gems as well.

6. Chor Bazaar

Best Shopping Places in Mumbai-Chor Bazaar

One of the best places to shop in Mumbai at cheap rates is Chor Bazaar. As the name suggests most of the products sold here are stolen imported products. From vintage cameras to records to typewriters, shopping experience here is no less than treasure hunt. There is a very famous story of old times; once Queen Victoria on her visit to Bombay lost some of her belongings including her violin. This violin was later on found on sale in ‘Chor bazaar’ 😛 It’s the ideal place for bargain hungry buyers and antique lovers.

7. Crawford Market

Places to visit in Mumbai for Shopping-Crawford Market

Unlike any other street market in Mumbai, it is a most well-known unsullied bazaar for fruits, vegetables and poultry. This place is a haven for exotic food as well- pastas, sauces, dry fruits including pink and green cashew nuts, chocolates, cheeses, oils and cookies that are difficult to find elsewhere in India.

8. Lamington Road

Places to visit in Mumbai for Shopping-Lamington Road

If you are looking for electronic gadgets, Lamington road is where you should be. From computers, televisions to hard disks, the place has an array of shops to offer stuffs as per your need at low cost. It is the street for all electronic goods with multiple options and budgetary price range.

9. Hindmata Market

Street shopping in mumbai-Hindmata Market

Beautiful designer sarees, readymade dresses, Lehengas and sherwanis, Hindmata is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai for shopping. If you are an Indian clothing fan, Hindmata is the ultimate go to place. Just name your favourite Indian fabric, you’ll get it instantly.

10. Lokhandwala Market

Best Fashion Shopping Places in Mumbai-Lokhandwala Market

Lokhandwala is one of the best street shopping places in Mumbai. This market is known for first copies of high-end fashion brands and the quirkiest of accessories, apparel and shoes. Some shops also have a great spread of street food. Try out some spicy pani puri or mouth watering Pav bhaji while you shop!

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