8 Things Only Socially Awkward People Will Understand

There are people who are involved with a big group of people, who love travelling, meeting new people. They are the ones who take zero seconds to convert the first meeting into a long-lasting friendship.

But the world is too big! It does have other kinds of people who are SHY, introvert and meeting with strangers is like going for a World-War 3. They do not hate mankind, but prefer people a little less.

And the following things only those special people can relate to:

1. You definitely confused with the words when it comes to replying to a stranger.

2. You love talking with *yourself*

3. You can’t afford long conversation- Just *Short and Relevant*

4. Starting Conversation with a Stranger is the most difficult thing for you

5. Entering a party is always awkward. Seeing so many people looking at you at the same time is your worst nightmare.

6. Generally confused between a Hug and a Handshake

7. You just can’t accept #Compliments and jump to another #Topics

8. You are an incredible *Secret Keeper

Do you find anything else, in your socially awkward friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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