10 Things You’ll Only Know if You’re Single

Everyone has their own perception, but being single is really a great thing which I feel personally. It gives you freedom from all those things you never like or liked. You are free to explore yourself, you start knowing yourself better, become social with the society and the foremost thing is you have nothing to hide from others, especially from your parents 😛

So if you’re currently single and not dating anyone all, enjoy this moment with yourself!

Here are the 10 things you find 100% true if you are SINGLE.

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1. You are free to do what you want to do

Because there is no ‘WE’ ! You are absolutely free to do your favorite things. No one is there to stop you, to order you or to cancel your plans. You are like your own boss 😀

2. Your Life Goals are your first priority

You don’t give a F*** to anything else because nothing is important to you than your goals. You’re constantly working on it and ready to smash everything that comes your way.

3. Your crush changes every day

why to stick on a single person when you have so many options? Single people only believe in crushes which are so random. They never connect with them but change their crush daily.

4. Society exists for you

You know there is also a world called Society exists and you know how to deal with it. Your family, friends, relatives, colleagues- this is all you are surrounded with. And believe me it is a great, great and great feeling.

5. Social Networking sites- Are they Really Exist?

What you say about this? When you have no one to show your pics or there is no one on your social accounts you can chat with, then Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc hardly exist.

6. All your commited friends try to set you up on dates with other single people they know

Why they do but they do it so often.. Your friends can’t see you single if they are commited and they try all the possible ways to make you mingle with the one they know! After all they love you 🙂

7. You’re pretty happy about being single when your friends have arguments with their partners

This gives you an amazing feeling and you feel proud of yourself. While you sit listening to your friend complaining about her other half, you realize you’re actually pretty happy being single.

8. You start to wonder if there’s anyone out there you’ll actually like

It’s obvious because you are single, and thinking about getting mingle always raises a question- Is there anyone out there you’ll like? And you end up with the same NO.

9. You lie on your bed and listen to cheesy love songs for a while

The one who listen to love songs doesn’t mean he/she is in relationship. You love it at times because may be it reminds your past love life or you love someone at present or may be you love its music and lyrics 😛

10. And you know being single is just as good as being in a relationship or may be more!

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