10 Shopping Places in Goa- Best Budget Markets To Shop

Goa is certainly a world famous destination is known not just for its glorious beaches and the sun, it has some hidden surprises as well. Do you know what those surprises are? Goa has got something very amazing for all the tourists i.e, Shopping, Shopping and Shopping!!

Yes there are many shopping malls in Goa but the best shopping is done from the stalls near the beaches. From hippie clothing to junk jewellery, from best of drinks to the famous wines, from bamboo to terracotta and brassware work, the markets will serve you with everything you want.

So if you are a shopaholic then go on and read all about the best markets or shopping places in Goa. These markets to shop in Goa are already well known to travelers for their range of products and prices.

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Best Budget Shopping Places in Goa for all kind of Tourists

1. Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market-Best Shopping Places in Goa

This market reflects the essence of Goa and it is a riot of colour and noise. Friday is the day when you will get true feel of a buzzing street bazaar that witnesses heavy footfalls from both locals and tourists alike. Mapusa is one of those famous shopping places in Goa that offers antiques, textiles, traditional handicrafts, Goan pottery, spices, fruits, homemade pickles, and much more. The products here are available at a much reasonable price, which makes shopping fun and delightful. If you are a seafood aficionado, then the Mapusa Fish Market is the best shopping market in Goa.

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2. Panjim Market

Panjim Market in Goa for Budget Shopping

“Panjim Market”, a combination of street-side stalls and shopping malls offers a variety of goods like wines, cashew nuts, local handicrafts, Goan spices and much more. This market is usually frequented by shoppers interested in port wine, cashews and souvenirs. You will also see so many locals here. Unlike other markets, it is a well-planned market; you get everything from different jewelleries to groceries in this market. If you are looking for branded items, head off to the shopping malls.

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3. Calangute Market Square

Affordable Shopping Places in Goa-Calangute Market Square

The Calangute Market is held every Saturday along the beautiful Calangute Beach, ensuring an enriching shopping experience. It features its own market with a line-up of beach-side shacks and stalls, selling everything right from trendy clothes to beachwear, handicrafts, leather products, souvenirs, sea shells, jewellery, carpets, metal crafts, and trinkets to lots of seafood snacks and beer. It is one of the best shopping places in Goa that never ceases to amaze the travellers to Goa with its assortment of things to buy.

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4. Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar-best place to shop in Goa

This popular market of Goa held under the open night sky along with the captivating Baga Beach. Pack with huge number of shopping hangouts selling antiques, junk jewellery,clothes, beachwear, souvenirs and handicrafts, along with eateries, Mackie’s night bazaar runs until midnight. If you have a thing for dancing, then take the dance floor too and enjoy your night in more fascinating way. The market is famous for live performances by local music bands, and authentic Chinese, Goan, Indian, and Tibetan fast food.

5. Margao Market

Margao Market Goa for tourists

Also known as the ‘new’ market, this is where the city shifted almost all its fresh food stalls to a single, covered and contained area. You can buy every kind of fish, meat, fruit or vegetable in season from this market and even find specialty items sold by certain stalls that procure food items that are unavailable locally or out of season. You can also get a wide range of handicrafts, clothes and shoes. All I can say about this market is you will never be disappointed here.

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6. Sacha’s Shop

Sacha’s Shop in Goa

All the ladies out there, Sacha’s Shop is a fabulous boutique that carries an eclectic mix of products, including clothing, statement jewellery, bags, leather lampshades, wooden toys, handmade soaps, and accessories like clips, key rings, and scarves. Sacha’s Shop at Panjim will interest you with its range. Why not give it a try?

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7. Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market in Goa for trendy shopping

If you are looking for some coolest and trendy shopping places in Goa, then this is the place to be in. This is a series of markets by Tibetan traders. They set up stalls selling souvenirs, precious stones, jewelry, pearls, photographs, furniture, and plenty of other stuff. Their prices are just unbelievable, and if you are good at bargaining, you may get expensive jewellery and furniture at very discounted rates.

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8. Anjuna’s Wednesday Flea Market

Affordable Shopping Place in Goa-Anjuna Wednesday Flea Market

This flea market is one of those shopping markets in Goa that sell everything from head to toe. Your Goan holiday experience is complete without a visit to Anjuna’s famous flea market. The stalls at the market sell a variety of Goa’s foreign denizen designed clothes and accessories. It sells eclectic goods including handmade items, spices, artificial jewellery, beach wear and other clothes, footwear and other accessories at affordable prices.

9. Baga Market

This beach is small yet wonderful and the shopaholics can enjoy their stay at this beach by engaging themselves in the night markets in Goa that are open on the Saturday nights. There are innumerable shacks and stalls, selling everything from clothes to goodies and treats, bric-a-brac, trinkets, jewelry, and handicrafts. You will also find some beach-side saloons where can get a trendy haircut.

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10. Hollywood Fashion

Easily the best place for shopping in Goa when it comes to buying the latest fashion accessories. One can get bollywood style clothes stitched here at the famous Hollywood Fashion Goa shoppie.

Away from the more well-known destinations, these shopping places in Goa offer you varieties of products at affordable prices. Browse and shop, and do share your shopping experiences with us!

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